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    ZXIII Twin Wire Press Washer

    - National Invention Patent


    The operation principle of this device is to take advantage of the tension generated by twin wire winding on first dewatering roller for initial pulp dewatering, the pulp then be sent to next dewatering roller with smaller diameter by the twin wire for next dewatering process which is same as initial dewatering process. Since P (dewatering pressure) = F (wire tension) / R (diameter of roller), the pulp on second roller receives greater extrusion force. Moreover, at tail of second roller configures a upper press roller, which exerts greater extrusion force on pulp subject to extrusion. This great extrusion force would have crushed the pulp if there is no tension generated by twin wire. Thanks to the tension of twin wire that the pulp layer can bear greater extrusion force, which increase dryness of pulp to above 45-50%.

    The conventional twin wire press roller, in order to avoid crush of pulp layer, has to adopt multiple press rollers in cascade arrangement for dewatering. Water content is gradually increased to enhance the anti-crush ability of pulp layer. Even though, the linear pressure at the last roller is relatively much lower. Owing to several press section, power and wires?? consumption is much bigger.

    The ordinary ZXII type though has more than four dewatering rollers which generate tension of twin wire, the extent of tension cannot compare with the extrusion of press roller, despite its long dewatering time, the dryness can only be around 35% and hardly to be over 40%. The ZXII beat other conventional devices on its lowest power consumption among these devices.

    Thanks to the tension of twin wire before press section, ZXIII series is much less to have wetting problem which is commonly happened in conventional press washer.

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